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Fat that sits around your stomach, liver and intestines is bad!
Not only is it unattractive, but it is also dangerous.
 Better known as visceral fat, it is a warning sign of declining health.
Have you "Gut Fat?"

A Body Out of Balance
There are certain symptoms that signal a body is out of balance and needs a healthy change.  Excess body fat and inflammation both carry warning signs of chronic and debilitating disease. 

You need a certain percentage of body fat to be healthy. Our brain is mostly fat and our myelin sheath, which covers our nerves, is made up of fat. Every person also has two types of body fat. Subcutaneous fat, which is located right under the skin and visceral fat, which protects the liver, stomach, and intestines from injury. The challenge is that 91% of adults and 69% of children ages 2-19 are considered “overfat”.  Overfat means having extra fat that predisposes you for major health risks.
Visceral Fat and Why it is Dangerous
Visceral fat is the fat around the liver, intestines and stomach. People who suffer from this type of fat often have an apple shaped body and usually thinner legs. Visceral fat is associated with heart attacks/heart disease, insulin resistance (precursor to diabetes), type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, breast and colon cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, “researchers suspect that visceral fat makes more of a certain protein that inflame body tissues and organs and narrow your blood vessels.”

Visceral fat should not be confused with subcutaneous fat, the fat that sits just under the skin. Subcutaneous fat is the “pinchable” fat that can exist anywhere on the body. Although too much fat is never desirable, this type of fat is less dangerous than visceral fat.

Do Genetics Play a Role?

Epigenetics is just as important as your genetics when it comes to visceral fat. Your body shape and size are determined by many factors. Although genetics play a role in where you may store fat as does whether you are male or female, the biggest factor in body fat is epigenetics. This is the lifestyle you lead including food choices, exercise, stress level, and toxic exposure.

Dr Cypress of the Cleveland Clinic said it best, “Body shape and size are determined by genetics, lifestyle, sex and age. While diet and exercise alter the size of your body, the shape – where fat deposits accumulate – is largely determined by genetics. Genetics will set the distribution process, and what people do with their lives determines how it fills up. Genetics sets the table and what you eat at the table can influence size and health.”  

There is help!
Read on to learn how to eliminate fat, lessen inflammation, and improve your health!

PFT + a Healthy Reboot Program is the Answer!
Just what the waistline (and body) needs to 
take your health to a new height!


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17 Amazing Ingredients designed 
to help you manage fat loss
  • Aloe Vera
  • Barley Seeds
  • Beetroot Extract
  • Brown Algae
  • Flaxseeds
  • Garcinia Cambogia Fruit (Malabar Tamarind)
  • Ginger Root
  • Moringa Leaves
  • Pod Pepper (Cayenne) Capsicum Annum
  • Psyllium
  • Tomato Extract
  • Turmeric Root
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
  • Chromium Picolinate (CrP)

Manage Visceral Fat
With "PFT (Perfect)" and a little work, 
you can make visceral fat disappear!
Visceral fat is actually easier to get rid of than subcutaneous fat. It metabolizes quicker and the body can get rid of it through sweating and urination. With some good old-fashioned work...and a little help, you can eliminate this hazardous fat build up!                                                   
Eliminating fat starts with:
  • Swapping poor food choices for healthier options
  • Adding exercise
  • Learning stress reduction techniques
  • Using PFT daily - A visceral fat Superhero
 What is PFT?

PFT or Perfect is a revolutionary new, organic, plant DNA lozenge blended 17 plant botanicals to help eliminate visceral fat! There is no other product like this on the market! Here is what PFT can do for you:

  • Assists with reducing cravings for sweets, decreasing appetite, and hunger sensations. 
  • Helps the body to stimulate metabolism, resulting in faster calorie burning. 
  • Helps to enhance cellular respiration and fat burning.
  • Helps to normalize gastrointestinal tract function. 
  • In combination with a diet and exercise program, it contributes to body volume reduction and muscle mass preservation.
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The Healthy PREboot and the 28 Day Healthy Reboot are educational programs created to help you change your lifestyle for less inflammation, eliminate visceral fat, improve health and live longer...and a great side effect is weight loss!
All Healthy Reboot programs include:
  • Workbook/Journal to track your journey.
  • 30-day supply (five boxes) of PFT - the lozenge designed to help you melt visceral fat.
  • Trigger Food Elimination with shopping guidelines and recipes.
  • Hosted by Susan Johnson, CNHP, IIHC, CBT.
  • A dedicated coaching team to helping you succeed.
  • Weekly educational Zoom calls.
  • Weekly Dinner Cams to help you learn how to cook healthfully.
  • Private online member area with recipes, tips, classes, education and more.
  • Members only Facebook page for the Healthy PREboot. 
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Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT

A respected, energetic, service-oriented holistic health coach and consultant with an exceptionally diverse business, health, event planning and customer service background.  Susan is passionate about helping others on their health journey. She graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Interpersonal Communication and Small Group Management. Susan is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Biofeedback Specialist, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and author of three books, Healthy PREboot, 28 Day Healthy Reboot and Reboot For Life.  

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