Let me show you how the power of APLGO DNA drops can change your health for the better!
These are 100% absorbable plant nutrition made from the DNA of beyond organic, sustainably grown, and harvested plants picked at the ideal time to provide the most plant nutrients in every drop.
More on these amazing DNA Lozenges (Drops)
Who doesn't love to get nutrition in the form of a candy with only one gram of sugar, loaded with antioxidants, and tastes great!
18 Different DNA Drops!

APLGO offers 18 different DNA Drops to support every system in the body. There are drops to support your immune system, adrenal system (drops for helping with anxiety and depression), circulation system, detoxification system, digestive system, or help your body reduce visceral fat - there is a drop for everyone!

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Nutrition your body needs to create optimal health

The micro and macro nutrients, polyphenols and other important nutrients your body uses to help balance struggling systems.

PFT - Perfect for addressing visceral fat!

Visceral fat is the dangerous fat that accumulates around your organs. This can be from the foods you eat, toxicity, stress or other lifestyle factors. This is the dangerous fat that is associated with many bad diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's. Now you can help your body eliminate this dangerous fat with a great tasting drop!

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Learn more about these amazing drops! Here are several short videos to answer any questions.

Learn from APLGO's Corporate Nutritionist about these products.

Absorbability And Nutrient Factors- MEG:

Botanicals Ions and DNA:

DNA drops are so powerful -MEG:

Are APL Drops Vitamins? -MEG:


Try these great products for yourself today!

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