Gut Wellness and Mindset Mastery
Your Roadmap to Radiance

Special pricing when you bring a friend.  Pay for the first program and get the second program for $100. Not only will it save you money but it is always more fun and motivating when you participate with a friend!

Healthy PREboot
Hosted by Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
The “Healthy PREboot” is a comprehensive guide that offers a roadmap to reclaiming your health through a holistic approach. This program is designed to not only eliminate inflammatory foods but also to educate readers about health, nutrition, and the importance of reading food labels.
The “Healthy PREboot” begins by introducing the concept of inflammation and its profound impact on overall health. By highlighting the connection between inflammation and chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and dementia, Susan Johnson effectively underscores the significance of addressing inflammation as a key component of achieving optimal health.
One standout feature of the “Healthy PREboot” is its emphasis on an inflammatory food elimination diet. Susan provides clear and actionable guidance on identifying and eliminating common inflammatory triggers from one’s diet.  Through Zoom calls, practical tips, shopping guidelines, cooking demonstrations, and recipes, participants are empowered to make informed choices about the foods they consume, thereby reducing inflammation and promoting better health.
The “Healthy PREboot” places a strong emphasis on health education. Susan recognizes the true wellness extends beyond diet alone and includes factors such as exercise, stress management, toxic exposure, and adequate sleep. By providing evidence-based information and practical strategies, the book equips participants with the knowledge and tools they need to adopt a more holistic approach to health.
This program is a valuable exercise for anyone seeking to improve their health, reduce inflammation, and enhance their overall well-being. Through its comprehensive approach encompassing an inflammatory food elimination diet, label reading, and health education, the “Healthy PREboot empowers participants to take control of their health and embark on a transformative journey towards a longer, healthier life.

Mindset Mastery with Melissa Russo
Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist
Melissa will introduce mindset-shifting NLP exercises that will allow you to explore and leverage the philosophy that Identity creates Values, Values create Beliefs, and Beliefs create Actions. 
-You will be guided to make profound changes at the core level (Identity/Values/Beliefs), ensuring that the Actions you will be exploring with Sue will become effortless and sustainable. -We will explore Interactive NLP-based Exercises such as Anchoring Techniques that will give you Tools to create (emotional & physiological) STATES that will be useful to keep your mindset strong, choices in-line, and to keep you motivated through your journey with us AND BEYOND!

Chef Rebekah Gillette
Hosting two Dinner Cams!
May 1 and May 8
Rebekah is an amazing chef with a talent to combine the freshest ingredients with amazing spices all while making it easy for you to make!  And it tastes great!

We are so excited to have her join in!

Gut Wellness and Mindset Mastery Schedule
Please note the dates below have been set. Please know that a date might need to be rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances.

All Healthy PREboot Zooms and Mindset Mastery Zooms are at 8pm EST
All Dinner Cams are at 6pm EST
Before April 14th – You will start to receive emails regarding the program.   It is best to set up a separate folder in your email account and move all emails into this folder as you receive them.
Sunday April 14 - Set up week. Taking baseline information, reading the Introduction in the Healthy PREboot when your book arrives.
Tuesday, April 16 – Set up call with Melissa Russo on Mindset Mastery
Thursday April 18 – Set up call with Susan Johnson on the Healthy PREboot
Sunday, April 21 – Healthy PREboot Education Week starts
Tuesday, April 23 – Healthy PREboot Zoom - setting up eliminations which start on April 28
Wednesday, April 24 - Dinner Cam 
Thursday, April 25 - Mindset Zoom
Sunday, April 28 - First round of Healthy PREboot eliminations - Gluten, A1 dairy, processed sugars, soy, omega 6 oils
Tuesday, April 30 - Mindset Zoom
Wednesday, May 1 - Dinner Cam
Thursday, May 2 - Healthy PREboot setting up final eliminations of honey, maple syrup, corn, rice, oats, and all dairy except ghee and grass fed butter
Sunday, May 5 - Second round of Healthy PREboot eliminations maintain week one eliminations and now eliminate honey, maple syrup, corn, rice, oats and all animal dairy except ghee and grassfed butter
Tuesday, May 7 - Mindset Zoom
Wednesday, May 8 - Dinner Cam
Thursday, May 9 – Healthy PREboot Zoom - Continue with all eliminations
Sunday, May12 – All eliminations continue
Tuesday, May 14 - Mindset Zoom
Wednesday, May 15 - Final Dinner Cam
Thursday, May 16 - Healthy PREboot Zoom - Wrapping up your PREboot
Saturday, May 18 – Healthy PREboot Eliminations Final Day
Sunday, May 19 – Adding back in foods slowly
Tuesday, May 21 – Final Healthy PREboot Zoom – Any last questions