Hi, I'm Rebekah and I am a life long culinary enthusiast with a passion for preparing high vibrational dishes infused with maximum nutrients and flavor. Eating should be both delicious and funbut without a decent foundation to navigate from, cooking can feel painful, frustrating and uninspired at best.
My goal is to help you see a world full of options in your kitchen and be able to have fun and feel more confidant while cooking and making plant-rich meals that your whole family can enjoy. 

In this 8 week, plant-rich program, I hope to provide you with a more foundational understanding for creating flavor, while revealing simple tips, short-cuts and preparation ideas for bringing more nutrition to the plate.

Lousy sugars, oils, and carbohydrates won't be showing up during this two month program. We are making clean, family style meals, breakfast & dessert options, tasty snacks, versatile dressings, salads and more, while replacing less optimal dietary fillers with those that provide your body with maximum goodness.

You will also learn ways to substitute your desired protein and vegetables in a way that is just right for you and for your family. 
Plus all of our recipes and videos will be available for replay time and time again. 

I hope this plant-rich program will elevate your body's vibration and inspire you to continue to step outside of your culinary comfort zone to enjoy creative and intuitive, delicious culinary freedom. ~Rebekah

Rebekah is the creator of Taste the World Spice, a globally inspired line of flavor-packed, do-all spice & seasonings blends, designed to simplify food-prep and make delicious meals effortlessly. 

Rebekah most enjoys her fur friends, yoga, outdoor fitness activities and passing along a lifetime of culinary experience in order to make cooking most simple and enjoyable.

Rebekah is excited to co-host this program with Susan Johnson, a friend, fellow health coach and brainy, wellness expert.  

Together they have planned a fun, educational and inspiring course to help you take your nutrition-minded cooking to the next level.

           Rebekah Gillette, INHC