A Mother's Day Tribute!
Susan Johnson: an incredible mother, wife, supporter, and so much more!

For those who have never met my mom, Susan is someone who has never let anything stop her. When I describe her, I always mention how she has boundless energy- its like she has a miniature sun inside her that powers her constantly! She is a woman who really puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. She is passionate with her work, family, pets, friends, and will always wear a smile, even when she is running on 3 hours of sleep or less! 
From the moment my dad met my mom, he knew that he had found someone special. Together, they have built a beautiful life around them that has touched countless people, from all around the world. These are just a few of the pictures that show their journey together as they traveled from small apartment owners in New Hampshire, to farm owners in Tennessee! 

I am so grateful that one morning, my mom surprised my dad so hard that he choked on his coffee after hearing the words (after many years of agreeing against this!), "So, what about kids?" And thus, my sister and I were brought about!
Boy were we trouble. But no matter what- my mom was there for us through it all. Whether it be struggles with friends, grades, significant others, or even 3am calls where someone was thinking of dropping out of college after already going through 3 years (oops, sorry mom!), she was there to answer the phone and help my sister and I through it all. On top of that? She was building her life too: becoming a health coach, spreading her passion about Young Living Oils, planning World Peace Caravans, and starting non profit organizations. Truly, I cannot think of someone more incredible than my mom, Susan Johnson. 
Without our wonderful Mom, my sister and I couldn't be where we have gotten to today. I wanted to look over a favorite few memories from the years! Here are the ones that always stand out!
  • Do you remember when I failed 3 classes at once, called you, and asked if you would come find me if I ran away? You were hard on me for failing classes, but you also helped me to learn such a valuable lesson through it all, and I could never have grown from that if you had not been there to help me.
  • Some of my truest favorite memories are when we would go shopping- we would sit in the car, either in the parking lot or somewhere nearby home and secretly share a bag of lime Tostitos, or a small carton of raspberries! And we would laugh and talk about life, and never tell dad or Kait!
  • Travelling around the world. You led us on some amazing adventures, from across the States, to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Guatemala, Colombia... I always smile looking back on those wonderful trips and the memories that we created on them as a family!

All of this, to be able to say:
I love you, mom. Thank you so much for all that you have done over my life with me and to help me grow. You are a shining beacon of light for others to follow. I will always look to you, as you have created the life for you, that I want to have for myself one day. You deserve the love and life you have built!
Your Son,
Cameron Johnson

Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
Healthy Reboot
Dandridge, TN 37725

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