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As a health warrior, I know how important it is to eat the best foods possible to keep a body healthy.  Two tips to get the most nutrition out of your food would be, 1. Eat organic 2. Eat local But not everyone has access to quality, local food everyday! 

Have your own farmer's market right in your own home!

Tower Gardening is gardening at it's best!  Sustainable (year round greens and veggies!), affordable (a great, no interest payment plan), nutritional (no pesticides, herbacides and full of vitamins and minerals) and fun (the whole family can join in and pick fresh veggies daily).  

My tower garden allows me to have fresh greens, herbs and veggies year-round without having to go to the supermarket!  I control the seeds, the nutrients, the water, light and harvesting…that is organic on super charge!

Not only do I get to pick and eat vegetables at the peak of freshness when they are ripe and have the most natural enzymes, but I use less water, get produce with the same, and often more, vitamins and minerals, than I can when buying local, organic produce without all the dirt!
For a quick overview, watch this video!  For a deeper look into all that Tower Garden has to offer, get this six part email series for more information.  Click here.

To learn more about the history ofTower Gardens and how you can have a Farmer’s Market right in your own home, click this link.  See how versatile Tower Gardens can be for both indoor and outdoor organc gardening.
If you would like to shop for a Tower Garden, please click here. Remember, Tower Garden offers a 12 month interest free payment plan making it affordable and easy!
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