Young Living has something to support every part of your lifestyle - physically, emotionally and spiritually! Come learn the power of these great products! I cannot imagine my life without them!

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My Young Living Journey
Young Living is more than just a product company - it is a lifestyle, a journey and belief that there is better in the world.  I have had the great fortune to integrate Young Living into my life personally, professionally and as an outlet for service. It has changed my life for the better.

My journey began when I learned how the products could support every aspect of my life. Young Living was the missing link to bringing my heatlh to the next level.  I had changed my diet, exercise, and lifestyle but my body needed some extra support. Young Living gave me that and more.

Years later, I am a Young Living educator and team leader.  I have experienced several harvests, worked for Gary Young as Director of Operations for the World Peace Caravan (I got to travel the world and meet amazing people!), traveled with the Young Living Foundation to Uganda and Nepal and most of all, meet some of the most incredible people who have now become close friends around the world.

Life changing!  I would love for you to experience even a fraction of what I have...I know it will make a difference in your life too!

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how Young Living can help you reach your next health or happiness goal!
Highland Flats first distillations 
Meeting the Dalai Lama with Gary Young
Running a horse team with my sister, Casey at Highland Flats
Building a school in Nepal

Our Uganda Service Team! 

Watching Idaho Grand Fir distillation

Building a school in Nepal

With my family in Guatemala supporting our 
nonprofit, Helping Hands Grateful Hearts
My Services

- Young Living Wellness Consultations
-28 Day Healthy Reboot - Program to determine how food, lifestyle and toxicity affect your health
- Online and in person seminars on healthy living, toxicity, EMF exposure, thyroid health. essential oils, and more
-Biofeedback Technician
-Certified Natural Health Practitioner 
-Offering ionic footbaths, pemf technology

Susan Johnson
Dandgridge, TN
Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
Healthy Reboot
Dandridge, TN 37725

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