Probiotics made the right way!
Bumbiotics are a special suppository probiotic to give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to building your microbiome!
You know how important I believe a healthy microbiome should be. It is key to taking your health to the next level!

I was fortunate to meet someone MORE passionate that me about these all important bacteria - Debbie Bailey creator of Bumbiotics. When I saw her booth at a vendor show, I had to check her product out. I am so glad i did!

You know that I feel a healthy microbiome is key to good health. You also know I do not feel probiotics taken by mouth are advantageous to everyone. Factors like leaky gut or improper stomach acid can make getting these all important bacteria to where they should be - your large intestine or colon.

Enter Bumbiotics!  Now you can get an amazing blend of the best probiotics right where they need to be - in your large intestine - by using these amazing suppositories before bed each night.

To order or learn more about this amazing product, please Click Here to go to the Bumbiotics website. 

I felt the difference the first few days I tried them!  I want that for you too!

Click here for a great interview I did with Deb Bailey discussing her Bumbiotics.

Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
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