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Butcher Box
The Best Grass Fed Meats Delivered Right To Your Front Door!

Better meat for a better you. 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Free-range organic chicken. Heritage-breed pork. No antibiotics or added hormones ever. 

We have been using Butcher Box in our home over a year. We love getting our monthly box!  We buy many of the cuts of meat - favorites include the whole chickens, chicken thighs and chicken tenders. For beef, we get the ground beef and sirloin steaks every month. We have tried many of the specials including the salmon, salmon burgers, buffalo and more. We have only had two cuts that were not what we would expect and Butcher Box was quick to replace it!  

I do not include pork on the 28 Day Healthy Reboot. The reason is because finding clean pork is not easy!  This is the only provider I will buy pork from! Let me repeat, this is the only place!  The ribs, pork butt and bacon are all great.

Below is a link to Butcher Box through my (Susan Johnson's) affiliate link.

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