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28 Day Healthy Reboot
Learn how food, lifestyle and toxicity affect your health. This program includes an elimination/trial plan.

Healthy PREboot
Starting Your Journey to Better Health, Less Inflammation, and a Longer Life

Midriff Melt
An 8 Week program to help eliminate visceral fat.

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Giving Back - Essential to a Healthy Life!
Susan is a firm believer in giving back!  
Susan along with her husband, Kevin, son, Cam and daughter, Kait have dedicated years to serving communities in the US and around the world.  
Over the past 10 years they have helped fund and build over 100 homes, rehabbed two school kitchens, built a community center, 
funded an early learning center and helped with a major water project in Honduras.  
Check out their family nonprofit, Helping Hands Grateful Hearts to learn more.
Susan with her husband, Kevin, son, Cam, and Daughter, Kait in Guatemala. 2024 will mark the 10th year the family has traveled together to build homes in Guatemala.
Putting on the roof! Giving a hand up to a family in Guatemala. The family helps pay for 10% of the home, builds with the team and provides lunch each day. This was a lovely family of 4 - so sweet!
Throwing bricks to build a school in Nepal. Traveling with the Young Living Foundation to Nepal was a great adventure. Susan worked with the school staff and families to construct a new wing of the school.
Dancing with children in Uganda! So fun! Susan spent the morning working with an organization that removes chiggers, a very painful bug that embeds in the feet and body. The kids loved playing games with us!
Not Sure What Your Next Step Is?
Finding the right path to better health can be confusing! Everywhere you turn you get told something different - by your doctor, the media, your friends... I have been coaching for 30 years. I believe in bio-individuality - You are like no one else. You should be treated as an individual with individual needs. Contact me, let's talk and find the path that is right for you.  

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