Who is Susan Johnson?
Wife, mom, service worker,
passionate health warrior, 
and inspiring lifestyle educator
Living in Tennessee with her husband, Kevin 
on a beautiful 24-acre farm with 
their dog, Cedar and cat, Otis.
At the Grateful Hearts Farm, Kevin and Susan are embracing sustainable farming techniques to grow vegetables and host local, pasture raised cows. 

Susan is a passionate and dedicated health coach who has transformed countless lives both in person and online. With her expertise and genuine desire to help others, Susan has become a trusted mentor for individuals seeking to achieve optimal well-being.

Kevin, consultant and part time coffee roaster, has built a coffee roast house on the farm, where he carefully handcrafts small-batch, ethically sourced coffee beans. He meticulously roasts and blends coffees, ensuring that every sip embodies the perfect balance of flavor and aroma. 

And that's not all – the farm is also home to a state-of-the-art bio-hacking center owned by Susan's sister, Casey,

Susan believes that a holistic approach to wellness is essential for optimal living, and our bio-hacking center provides cutting-edge technologies and techniques to support your journey towards personal growth and transformation. 

Susan has spent the last 28 years in the health and fitness industry. She started in the weight loss industry as a CFO, COO and customer service trainer for a large chain of weight loss centers. 

Through the years overseeing health clubs and coaching women, Susan became interested in more natural alternatives.  In her mid-fortiesforties, after suffering a health crisis, she became dedicated to helping others create better health through diet and reducing toxicity. 

While tackling all natural ways to return to good health. Susan learned to enjoy learning! Over the years she has taken many courses. She is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Biofeedback Technician and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Continuing her education is a key part of Susan's life.

But my true passion is helping others. I specialize in personal and interactive coaching to create better health.
Giving Back
Susan's second passion is giving back.  She has volunteered for service projects all over the world.  With her husband and two children she owns a nonprofit, Helping Hands Grateful Hearts. They have spent the last 10 years working in Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. They have a special affection for Guatemala where they have come to love the people and cultures of this wonderful country. They are to have built almost 100 houses, rehabbed two school kitchens, built a community center, playground, and an early learning center.  They also supply food kits to families in need.
Susan created the Healthy Reboot programs to help focus clients on how food, toxicity and lifestyle affect their health. The programs are life changing.

Susan Johnson, CNHP, CBT, INHC

What's next for you?
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Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
Healthy Reboot
Dandridge, TN 37725

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