It's Time for a Healthy PREboot!
Thanks for your interest in the Healthy PREboot! Why is it a healthy preboot? Because we are just getting started on a path to your best health. This program is a healthy living game changer! Look at what you will get:
  • Weekly informational and educational webinars 
  • Guidelines for eliminating inflammatory foods, nutrition label education and how to be a label reader guru.
  • Access to the program coaches
  • Journal with daily tracking and education
  • 30 Day supply of a state-of -the-art supplement to help address dangerous visceral body fat
  • Special member vault with recipes, shopping lists, videos and more.
  • Weekly Dinner Cams (a fun, relaxed cooking hour)
  • Exercise tips


Meet Your PREboot Coaches
Years of experience to help you succeed on your health journey.

Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
Author, Program Creator and Host 

A respected, energetic, service-oriented holistic health coach and consultant with an exceptionally diverse business, health, event planning and customer service background.  Susan is passionate about helping others on their health journey. She graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Interpersonal Communication and Small Group Management. Susan is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Biofeedback Specialist, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and author of three books, Healthy PREboot, 28 Day Healthy Reboot and Reboot For Life.  


Tina Dunn, Program Coordinator and Co-Host

Tricia Williams, Program Coordinator and Co-Host

Tricia Williams has owned and operated health and wellness facilities for over 20 years. She enjoys assisting her clients to find their optimal wellness by developing a deeper understanding of their relationship with food and lifestyle choices. She supports the mind, body, spirit approach and has her Certification with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Learning to live and eat healthier has never been so accessible!

Over the next two days, you will receive valuable information on the dangers of a body out of balance. Our hope is to inspire you to join the Healthy PREboot in September. This is a very special PREboot as we are launching a new, state-of-th-art supplement created to support the body's ability to fight inflammation and visceral body fat. Two major risk factors for chronic disease.

The Healthy PREboot, the third program in Susan Johnson's Healthy Reboot series, helps people make better food and lifestyle choices. The program covers everything from understanding ingredients to label reading to eliminating trigger foods from your diet for 21 days to reduce inflammation. The coaches also teach on a wide variety of education topics to take your health to the next level. 

The Healthy PREboot team is excited to combine the Healthy PREboot with this new supplement. Our results have always been very good - we expect this group to have even better results!

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Looking forward to working with you!

Susan Johnson, CNHP, INHC, CBT
Healthy Reboot
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