Midriff Melt

A 60 Day Visceral Fat Reducing Program

Note! There are two 30-day journals for this program! 

The following file is to send to a printer who is going to print, and saddle stitch the journals for you. These will not print appropriately on a desktop or self-service printing device. The pages will print out of order.

Cover Pages for Journals
First 30 Days Journal Cover Midriff_Melt_Workbook-1_cover.jpg
Second 30 Days Journal Cover Midriff_Melt_Workbook-2_cover.jpg

Files for professional printing
NOTE : When sending the file to the printer (or bringing it on a jump drive), you will give them the following directions:
  • Two separate journals each with their matching cover 
  • 8.5 x 11 paper size.
  • Plain paper
  • Salmon colored cover
  • Saddle stitched (stapled at fold) and folded into booklet.
For Printing on a desktop or self-printing at a printer.
First 30 Days Journal Midriff_Melt_Workbook-1_b.pdf
Second 30 Days Journal Midriff_Melt_Workbook-2_b.pdf

Additional Information:
This section contains additional information and calls that have been recorded about offering the Midriff Melt to Clients.

How to be a Program Coordinator Class Click here to access class

9/26/23 Midriff Melt Zoom Replay  https://youtu.be/IpMEwVuDUoI
Casey and I recorded a clarification video discussing the 4 types of clients who buy the Midriff Melt and how to sell the packages.  https://youtu.be/lcy6kbJcdGU

10/3/23 Midriff Melt Zoom Replay

Midriff Melt Credit Card Authorization Form (to use with clients paying by credit card) Midriff.Melt.Program-Order-Form (1).pdf

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