28 Day Healthy Reboot Recipes

The first section has recipes for all days of the program. The second section is for days 1-7. I try to include recipes from many different sources.  

I always give credit to the book, website or person who created the recipe, if I have it. When sharing recipes, please include the person who created the recipe so they can get full credit. Thank you and enjoy!

These recipes may be used any day of the program.
They are broken down by category. Some recipes have modifications for days 8 - 29.
Beverages, Smoothies and Breakfast
Condiments, salad dressings
Side Dishes
Beef, lamb and other meats
De'Bars - Make your own protein bars De Bars.docx
Recipes for Days 1 - 7 Only
These recipes are specifically designed for Days 1-7. There are ingredients that will be eliminated on days 8 - 29..
Beverages, Smoothies and Breakfast
Condiments and Dressings
Side Dishes

Coconut Beef Curry 1-7.docx More difficult recipe
Chicken, and all poultry


Cooking with Rebekah from the High Vibe Kitchen!
Rebekah Gillette joined in the 28 Day Healthy Reboot providing special spice blends and offering Dinner Cams! How lucky are we!
If you would like to learn more about Rebekah or order some of her amazing spice blends, please visit her at Taste of the World Spices

Here is the video  https://youtu.be/NvusG7G4HmM
Watch as we make sauteed apples and a special treat for after your program!
Cooking with Rebecca Making a Chimichurri Sauce

Dinner Cam With The Johnson's
Kevin Johnson loves to share cooking tips!  Check out some of the Dinner Cams! 

Salmon with Dill - https://youtu.be/bggUXXPtTGw
Salmon with Dill and flax wraps https://youtu.be/bggUXXP
Basic Southern Fried Cabbage recipe  https://youtu.be/AmGqHAVGLTg
Kevin's Crispy Oven Fried Chicken and a spin on Southern Fried Cabbage with Debbie Irwin  https://youtu.be/UmremigVt88
Quick and Easy Stir Fry https://youtu.be/Zqr_wXXKc_w


Recipes beyond the 28 Day Healthy Reboot
Holiday Favorites

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