Soups and Sauces
Soups should be a staple of every well balanced diet. Best of all, they are nutritious and delicious when you have been shown how to make them! 

Bangin Bouillon
This amazing soup/starter base should be a staple in your freezer!
Below you will find the recipe, a video from Rebekah showing how to make the soup base and then the recorded Zoom call with participants asking questions.  
Simple soups and sauces will allow you to really shine in the kitchen!  Having a few key recipes can transform your meal into something the crowd will go wild for! Full of flavor and intensity...soups and sauces are a cook's best friend!

Watch for soups and sauce recipes to be posted here!
Artichoke with Plant Based Mayo
Artichokes are one of those "mystery' vegetables... see them and often wonder how to cook and eat them.  Rebekah will take you through cooking them and then making a plant based mayo you can use with your artichokes.  Enjoy!

Creamy Cashew Ginger Dressing

This is a great dressing that can be used in many ways! Watch the video for some great ideas on how to make a "super bowl" and a Nori roll.

Green Enchilada Sauce and Cowboy Queso
Serve them separately...or for a real bang, serve them side by side. These two will zip up any dish or plate of nachos!
Green Enchilada Recipe - Green Enchilada Sauce Final.pdf
Green Enchilada Sauce Part 1 - 
Green Enchilada Sauce Part 2 - 
Cowboy Queso Recipe - Cowboy Cashew Queso Final.pdf

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