Test Recipes for the 28 Day Healthy Reboot 

Thank you for being a part of my recipe group!  No one knows better than you how important recipes are when participating in the 28 Day Healthy Reboot!

Some of the recipes will be for days 1-7, some could be for all days and some are even dessert recipes for after the program.  

Some things to note:

  1. These recipes are scanned from lots of collecting and books - I apologize in advance that some are not great copies!
  2. You are free to play with the recipe – change ingredients any way you like.
  3. Some recipes have ingredients not on the program, like cashews, pork, soy sauce, flour, etc.  Please use an alternative
  4. If possible, try to offer options to make it compliant for days 8-28. Some recipes will only be for days 1-7 but any that we can push for all days, great!
  5. I have added some egg alternative options below – if the mood strikes and you want to try an egg alternative, please feel free!
  6. Have fun! There is no pressure!
  7. Send me any feedback
  8. Send me your own recipes too! The more the better!
Some of these recipes will be for all days, some for days 1-7 and some for after the program. Try to make the recipe as plan compliant as possible, play with the ingredients. Don't worry if it cannot be made plan compliant, these would be great recipes for after the program too!
Some replacements:
Goat cheese for cow cheese
Almond or another plan nut for peanuts and cashews
Replacement egg (see below) for an egg in a recipe
Almond, cassava, tapioca, tigernut or another flour in place of a wheat or other gluten flour
Stevia or monk fruit for sugars
Note - Some recipes suggest microwaving food - I would prefer you do NOT use a microwave when testing recipes - Thanks!
Below are two egg alternatives - I have not explored these yet but would love to have some more adventurous people try them in recipes!

Egg Alternatives

Flax Egg

1 Tablespoon of flaxseed meal

2.5 Tablespoons water

Mix well, let sit for 5 minutes.  May not be a 1-1 substitution but seems to work well in muffins, breads, pancakes type foods

Gelatin Egg


Gelatin – Try to use Vital Proteins, Great Lakes or other grass fed gelatin. Do not use store brands unless they are grass fed.


In general, use 3 Tbsp of water for each 1 Tbsp of gelatin when replacing 1 or 2 eggs.

Sometimes it is better to use 4 Tbsp of water for each Tbsp of gelatin when replacing 3 or 4 eggs   

  1. Add water to a small pot on the stove, but don't turn on the heat yet. 
  2. Sprinkle or "rain" the gelatin on top of the water slowly to "bloom" it (wet it). You'll see it swell up and absorb the water. Try not to let it clump together. Slowly sprinkle 1/2 Tbsp at a time to prevent any clumping.
  3. After sprinkling all of the gelatin, use a whisk if necessary, to ensure that all the gelatin has been wetted. Let gelatin sit for about 1-2 minutes after being wetted. 

Beverages and Smoothies
Condiments, salad dressings
Side Dishes
Beef, Bison and Lamb 
Chicken and Duck


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