Gut Wellness and Mindset Mastery: Your Roadmap to Radiance
Discover True Wellness: Gut Wellness and Mindset Mastery with Susan Johnson & Melissa Russo

Event Overview
Join us for an enlightening two-fold program designed to transform your health inside and out, body and mind. Led by wellness advocates Susan Johnson and Melissa Russo, this exclusive event combines cutting-edge gut health strategies with empowering neuroplingiistic programming (NLP) philosophy & techniques. You will revitalize your digestive health as well as shift and old limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in the old ways of eating that have caused pain, lethargy, and procrastination to walking through the gateway to a happier, healthier you.

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More Information
This five-week life changing program combines Susan Johnson's Healthy PREboot, a five-week journey to understanding how food and lifestyle affect your health with Melissa Russo, Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, who will add a Mindset aspect to our 8 week Reboot ensuring that the actions you will be exploring with Sue will become effortless and sustainable.

The event starts on April 14, 2024, and will end on May 18, 2024. 
The program includes:
  • A powerful food elimination system to help fight inflammation and insulin resistance.
  • A Weekly Zoom Call with Susan including program information and health education with live Q&A
  • A Weekly Zoom call with Melissa to facilitate powerful Mindset Shifts that will Align your Identity, Values, and Beliefs with the new Actions you will be taking on this Journey to Empowering Choices in your diet & lifestyle
  • Two workbook/journals 
  • 4 Live Dinner Cam cooking classes to help you make healthier meals
  • A private member area loaded with education, recipes and past recorded Dinner Cams
  • Private Facebook Event Page
The Programs
Susan Johnson: Healthy Reboot 
- Expert Guidance: Susan Johnson will lead you on a journey through the foundational principles of gut health, revealing how it influences overall well-being.
- Food Elimination Program:  Discover an effective elimination strategy tailored to pinpoint foods that may be hindering your wellness goals.
- Nourishing Practices: Learn about nutrient-rich foods that support digestive health and contribute to a robust gut microbiome.

Melissa Russo, Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist
-Melissa will introduce mindset-shifting NLP exercises that will allow you to explore and leverage the philosophy that Identity creates Values, Values create Beliefs, and Beliefs create Actions. 
-You will be guided to make profound changes at the core level (Identity/Values/Beliefs), ensuring that the Actions you will be exploring with Sue will become effortless and sustainable. -We will explore Interactive NLP-based Exercises such as Anchoring Techniques that will give you Tools to create (emotional & physiological) STATES that will be useful to keep your mindset strong, choices in-line, and to keep you motivated through your journey with us AND BEYOND!

What You Will Gain
- Holistic Health Insight: A deeper understanding of how gut health and mindset are interconnected, and their crucial roles in your overall health.
- Practical Toolset: Hands-on knowledge and tools to kickstart your food elimination plan and cultivate a more resilient, positive mindset.

Your Hosts
Susan Johnson and Melissa Russo are renowned wellness advocates with years of experience in nutrition, gut health, and positive psychology. Their dynamic approach has helped countless individuals reclaim their health and lead more vibrant lives. Together, they are excited to guide you on this transformative wellness journey.

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