You Need to Watch Your Spices Too!  Look What is In this Expensive Brand
Spices are one place you need to use your label reading skills!  This is a very popular and expensive Carnitas Blend from Pampered Chef.  I know I paid over $10 for this bottle. I wanted to support the person hosting and we love spices.  I never thought I would get it and wish I hadn't.  I love Pampered Chef products, so this surprised me.  

The truth is, it is not uncommon in expensive brands.  Whether it is a food, beverage, a beauty care product or a spice, bad things can lurk in expensive brands.  

I am not sure if you can see the ingredients but the two that would have me putting this back on the shelf are maltodextrin and canola oil.  Maltodextrin can be made of rice, corn or wheat.  This does say it is gluten free so it is probably corn or rice.  This is not an ingredient I like to see. This is not labeled organic so both the rice and the corn have probably been sprayed with pesticides like Round-Up.

Canola oil is an omega 6 oil. Highly inflammatory to the body and known to raise LDL cholesterol.  It is also most likely a GMO product as most omega 6 oils are.   If you see Canola, corn, sunflower, safflower, or vegetable oil on a label, put it back! Even organic foods with any of these. They are slowly killing you. 

We get too much omega 6 oil in our diet and not enough omega 3.  They should be consumed in a 1 to 1 to a 1 to 4 ratio. This is near impossible with a Standard American Diet.

There are plenty of quality spices out there to use. Have some fun. Clean out your spice closet and go shopping for some healthy new ones!

Let me know your favorite spices!  We love to add new ones to our spice closet. 


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