The Last Blog About Protein Powder...for now!
Happy Friday for those reading this today!  I for one, am happy to see the week come to an end! Not a bad week...just crazy!  I want to finish off my discussion about protein powders by highlighting another good company - Native Path. What I like about this brand is they offer a collagen-based protein powder and also coffee creamers.  On my 28 Day Healthy Reboot, all dairy is eliminated on day 15 so you can trial dairy later in the program.  Many people need cream in their coffee - this is a healthy and tasty alternative. They offer fun flavors that can replace that International Creamer crap people buy.

Here is the protein powder - clean, just the right amount of protein (bovine collagen) and very few other ingredients. 
 Native Path also makes a PM collagen powder - great for those who need an after dinner treat or want to calm down after a crazy day. Notice it has melatonin, GABA, L-threanine, magnesium.  Great stuff!  

There are many other great protein powders on the market - Orgain, Vega, Ancient Nutrition... The big takeaway is that you need to find a protein that fits your individual needs and tastes. Are you looking for collagen? High protein? No soy, casein or whey? Vegan? Low FODMAP? Lectin Free, has amino acids, daily greens...  Once you figure this out, it gets easier to make a choice. I am happy to look at any protein powder and let you know the pros and cons from my perspective.

BTW - Trader Joe's makes an organic hemp protein that is not expensive.

What brand do you use and what are your favorite smoothie recipes?  I would love to hear from you!

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