I posted the ingredient lists of five different brands of peanut butter (all popular) on my Facebook page and asked which one you would choose? When I ask this question to my 28 Day Healthy Reboot or my Healthy PREboot participants, more times than not, I hear, "oh crap, I need to change my peanut butter!"

Here are the labels from Skippy and Jif, two popular, family brands.
These labels should scare you! Of course, they are not organic, which I feel is imperative with peanut butter, but they have ingredients that will make you sick.  Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils such as rapeseed, soybean and cottonseed oils. These are inflammatory omega 6 oils that are genetically modified and often sprayed with pesticides that disrupt the microbiome.

Don't be fooled by organic either. You still need to read the ingredients. Check out 
Maranatha is a popular health food brand of peanut butter. Check out the ingredients. The company has added cane sugar. Ok, it is organic but is it necessary?  They also add organic palm oil - I do not have an issue with palm oil but the label does not say it was sustainably sourced. This is important if you are concerned about the environment. Do they need to add palm oil? It helps with consistency but is it necessary?

Here are two organic brands. One is from Trader Joe's so the price point is good too.  Notice the ingredients, peanuts or peanuts and salt. Either of these or any other organic brand with peanuts and salt are a good choice. 

To make choosing easier, if you see the label "spread" on the jar, put it back. Spread is code for we have added ingredients you do not want in your jar of peanut butter.
If I am being honest, I am not a big fan of peanut butter, even organic.  Peanuts are a legume, so they contain lectins, a protein that can act like a sugar and affect joints, the brain and digestion. I believe it is especially challenging to those who have compromised immune systems or are already affected by digestion issues, brain fog or joint pain. 

Peanuts are also prone to mold. Mold on peanuts contain aflatoxins which can be harmful to humans, even carcinogenic. Aflatoxins may also aggravate symptoms of people who suffers from mold exposure or have a compromised system. If you research peanut butters that contain mold, you will find most brands, even organic, have been shown to contain aflatoxins. Not all, but many. A shout out to Trader Joe's organic peanut butter which was found to have no aflatoxins.  (Other nuts may contain aflatoxins as well but they are more commonly associated with peanut butter.

Do I eat peanut butter? Once in a while. I eat a protein bar that makes a tasty peanut butter chocolate chip bar a few times a month. Other than that, very rarely.

Should you eat peanut butter? That is up to you! My point here is to inspire you to make the best choice possible. 



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