Everybody needs to snack! Parties have snacks, get togethers with family and friends have snacks, picnics and trips have snacks...crackers are one of the top snack foods...they are also one of the worst you can buy.  Sad but true!  So much junk hidden in a great American food.  

I recently posted the below picture.
I got some great responses. Most of them stating how upsetting food ingredients have become.  Here's the thing - Wheat Thins are nowhere near the worse.  Have you looked at the ingredients in Ritz Crackers. Another American favorite that many people use in main meal dishes!
Ritz crackers have some really terrifying ingredients! Partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil? High fructose corn syrup? Yellow 6 in the cheese cracker? And of course, genetically modified wheat.  This is a favorite topping for whitefish - you wipe out all the goodness of an ocean caught fish by topping it with Ritz Crackers!

What about Simple Mills?  They look so good! But are actually a wolf in sheep's clothing!
Omega 6 oils like sunflower oil, safflower oil, canola oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil blends are inflammatory to the body. They can aggravate autoimmune diseases, bother joints and disrupt the microbiome but they are everywhere. Even organic is a now go!

There are good brands out there!

HU crackers are a great alternative! They are tasty, organic/non-GMO, grain free and 22 crackers is a serving size. Yes, they do cost more but your health is worth it. You can pay now, or you can pay later with your health.  

There is one more option! Make your own!  Here is a great recipe for almond crackers. They are simple to make, tasty and you can vary the taste by the salt, herbs and spices you sprinkle on them before you cook them. This is a Healthy Reboot favorite!  Download it below
Only a few ingredients! Blanched almond flour, egg and salt.  Then whatever toppings you want to add - how simple is that!
They will last a few days if stored in an airtight container.

What is your favorite brand?  Message me at Susan@MyHealthyReboot.com and let me know. 


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