Beef Jerky, beef sticks and snack sausages are convenient and tasty...They can also be one of the worst choices you make! If you saw my post, these items can be loaded with sugar, soy, hydrolyzed corn, MSG, wheat, sucralose, and nitrates. The list goes on and on. I will post the "NOT approved by Susan" picture below.

If you are a beef jerky junky (or sticks/sausages), there are healthy options! You might pay a little more, but your health is worth it!  Here are just a few but you can find local brands that pride themselves on clean ingredients. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Paleo Valley is exceptional, online only but offer good sales. 
  • Chomps can be found at many retailers including Trader Joe’s and Costco. 
  • Epic bars and snacks are offered in many retailers in single bars or by the box. 
Other good options include Country Archer Provisions, Biltong, Perky Jerky and Chef's Cut.  Of course, check your local retailers and specialty stores. Many times, there are local brands that are clean and tasty!

I challenge you to read the label on Jack Links and Old Trapper - soy (often part of the teriyaki flavoring), corn, nitrates, sugar - in different forms can be found. Even Cattleman's, which the plain is not bad, had terrible ingredients in their flavored brands.

And Buc-ee's...forget it! Soy in every flavor except one. I think it is a turkey jerky and I do not remember it tasting all that good (Yes, I had to try it!). 
Want to know what's in your favorite brand or find a clean alternative?  go to

Let me know how your favorite rated!  If it is clean, send me the name! I love adding to my stash of clean foods!

Here is the label I mentioned. I found this in a gas station convenience store.


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