May Greetings from the Grateful Hearts Farm!
Happy May!

I am hoping that this month not only sees the weather turning nice but also is the month when life can start getting back to normal...restaurants, gyms, hair and nail salons, state parks, etc open up and we can go back to life.  

I know for many this has been a super stressful time.  I am so grateful that Kevin and I decided to turn our whole world upside down by buying the farm and moving to Tennessee.  Although it has been crazy, all the things that we have needed to do have kept us focused on projects instead of all that is going on in the world.

We are finally in the last stages of our kitchen/living area reno.  We removed walls, gutted the kitchen and one of the bathrooms and installed new doors and windows.  The change has been amazing.  We are now focusing our attention on the outside. We have 24 acres to cut, clear, and maintain.  Clearing fence lines and brush cutting are the first order for the guys while I am focusing on the gardens.  

Future months will bring barn renovations, deciding what, if anything, will we do besides growing hay and of course moving on to phase two of the house renovations...but we are in no hurry to do that!

I wanted to close with a special blend that my son, Cameron, made to help him focus in school and work.  I know that everyone can use a little help there right now! 

Brain Power, Geneyus and Motivation blended together make a powerful combination of brain focusing energy!  


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