As many of you know, we are just finishing a complete makeover on our kitchen/living room area.  Our house had not been remodeled in years...if ever! This is fun (and sometimes frustrating) but it always comes with some perks!  This time it was a set of free cookware with the purchase of our stove.  Now we did not buy just any stove...Kevin loves to cook so we bought a special Cafe induction with dual ovens. Induction cooking needs special pots and pans so the free cookware was ideal.  The first just came in.  You have to check it out!  I have included a picture. You have to see if for yourself! It came with a battery, a ruler and is Bluetooth ready...who knew!  I personally avoid too much Bluetooth so I won't be using that feature but it was trip to open the box and get a battery with your fry pan.  Anyone else have new technology cookware?  Makes me wonder what else we are going to get!


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